Stephanie McFerran

My name is Stephanie McFerran. Before becoming a mom I was a Behavior Therapist and love working with children and always have had a passion for health! I now have a little girl of my own named Kenlie who was born August 16, 2012 in Encinitas, CA. Once I became a mom I found that support from other moms was critical! I also found that I needed to be as healthy as I could be to take good care of my little one. I found all that with FIT4MOM. As a first time mom I found ALL the support I could possibly ask for, a way to stay healthy and modeling the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to my daughter through FIT4MOM. Now as an instructor I hope that I can be the a part of your journey as a healthy mom. I hope to give you support, help you live a healthy lifestyle, help you love your body, and embarke in a positive healthy environment all while having your beautiful baby by your side. As moms we can have such a huge impact on our littles lets help them see the importance of health one stride at a time!

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