Kristin Shanks

I'm the mother to two adorable kids - Logan (4) and Riley (2). I first found (and fell in love with) Stroller Strides when I was on maternity leave with Riley and knew I had found my happy place! I loved how Stroller Strides gave me an opportunity to workout and spend the precious time I had with my daughter at the same time! And the workout was GREAT! Plus it got me to interact with other amazing mommies, get outside and (at some point later in the day) shower. I remember being so sad to return to work and miss seeing this amazing village daily! When I decided to make career change in April 2016, I knew that I wanted to add SS instructing to my life! After playing sports my whole life and now being a full time mom, I couldn't ask for a better role. I look forward to seeing you!

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