Body Back - Point Loma - Kid Ventures

Body Back 8 Week Transformation (Closed Session)
M/W - 6:00am Session start date: April 17th
T/Th - 6:30pm Session start date: April 4th

FREE Demo classes:
March 28th - 6:30pm
April 10th - 6:00am

Park in parking lot on the backside of Kid Ventures, off of Truxton Road.
Enter Kid Ventures through back door, behind dumpster area.
Body Back class located in the large class room inside Kid Ventures.

Child care drop off available on Thursdays through Kid Ventures.
Click here for more child care information.

2865 Sims Rd
San Diego, CA 92106
United States

p: (760) 410-8492

Tuesday – March 28, 2017

FREE Body Back Workout - Grand Opening
Body Back - Point Loma - Kid Ventures

Wednesday – March 29, 2017

Body Back Transformation (Closed Session) Whitney - PL M/W 6:00am
Body Back - Point Loma - Kid Ventures